Sunday, May 11, 2008

San Sebastian

Sunset view from our hotel balcony
(Rolleiflex, Ilford Delta 100)

I was very pleased to find that the lab made a mistake and in fact did not lose my films, but they simply have an internal disconnect between their customer service and accounts departments... Turns out the credit card I have on file with them was expired, but instead of telling me this when I contacted them on several occasions, they just told me it was sent out and presumably lost in the post.

This is one of the added bonuses you get with film, the joy of finally getting your shots back!

These shots are from our road trip to Mallorca. We spent a night in San Sebastian. It was a really beautiful place. So will be posting a selection from the trip.

Sea side in December (with swimmer!)
Yashica fx-3, 50mm, Illford Delta 100

It was just before Christmas, but we were shocked to find the locals comfortably swimming in the Atlantic water. (If you look closely you can see one confidently striding towards the water in the shot above). Old and young they went out every day in droves. The Basques are indeed a hardy race!!

We weaker mortals remained bundled in our winter coats on dry land.

Paula on the beach
Yashica fx3, 50mm, Illford Delta 100

Two thumbs up for San Sebastian: great food, beautiful views and a lively, vigorous people!


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