Saturday, March 08, 2008

San Francisco I (Just playing around)

Spot the Kitesurfer
(Paula's D80)

I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago and managed to find some time when not working to head out with the camera. It's a fantastic city for photography. I didn't have the luxury of waiting around for the right light simply because there was no time. I took my Rollei with me and went through a few rolls. While waiting for them to be developed, I post a few shots taken playing around with Paula's D80. (Yes Paula came with me, it would not have been possible to prise away the D80 from her otherwise -- also my snooty attitudes towards digital would never have permitted me to bring the D80 myself! The fact that it just happened to be there makes it somehow more acceptable for me to use it. Note that I always refer to 'playing around' with the digital camera, and not implying that its 'serious' photography. I would not feel comfortable with that.

At the old docks
(Paula's D80)

(Paula's D80)

As we didn't have a lot of time, we just cruised around the city in the rental car and stopped at the places we could both agree were worthwhile. Also as we were in America it felt appropriate to do some drive-by shootings. Sticking the lens out the car window and pushing the trigger at strangers just feels right when you are driving a Chevy Impala.

Drive-by shooting
(Paula's D80)


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At the Old Docks looks a little like a Dali...hope all is well - I finally figured out how to link your beautiful blog with mine. Take care, T

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