Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Family Golfing

Its not often we're all together so what better thing to do than play golf? (And bring the new Yashica along for even more fun). Some of us are better than others at this sport. I play approximately three times a year. I was more interested in playing with the new 50mm Zeiss lens.

This was a day after we got back from camping so we were still semi-crippled. The golf swinging didn't help the crick in my back to say the least.

Good swing. . .

nice flight, but where is it heading? . . .

Hmmm, blame it on the wind!

Dad is good at putting

I just like to whack the ball hard.
(Hassan took this shot)

Hassan likes to play with flip-flops
We got some wierd looks from the other players

Its all good fun!

All shots taken with the Yashica fx3 and Carl Zeiss 50mm lens. Ilford Delta 100 film.


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