Sunday, October 14, 2007

Algonquin 2007

Another year and another trip to the park. This annual voyage has become one of the things that keeps me going through the year. There is nothing like being in virgin nature for days at a time without any contact with civilisation. It is a real antidote for the routine of the city.
Sure its hard work, really hard work sometimes -- we covered over 70km of river lake, bog and trails in 4 days and more than a month later my back is still a little stiff from the long portages (one was 3km). But its worth it!

This year I brought two cameras, the Rollei (can't do without it) as well as A Yashica fx-3 that was a kind gift from a friend. At first I wasn't quite sure what to do with this camera, but I came across a fantastic Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 lens for it which transformed it into a very nice piece of kit.

As usual stuck mainly with Ilford Delta film, but threw in a few rolls of colour Fuji Film for the Yashica. My plan was to use the Rollei for landscapes and the Yashica for close-in action.

This year, I have to say, I wasn't able to take as many nice shots as I would have liked. Not sure why, I think because it was really hard work this time and there wasn't much time for waiting around for the right lighting.

First the Rollei shots:

Emerging from an early portage, first glimpse of the real interior

It takes some time to re-adjust to the park, things just don't change fast.
Dawn on Crosscorner Lake


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