Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Algonquin: Behind the Scenes

Normally I disdain digital, but on this trip, my brother's pocket digital camera came in handy -- especially since its 'weatherproof'. I thought these had some documentary value so I throw them in:

Beaver dams were a real problem for us and we had to carry the canoes over them constantly.

We had to watch out for leeches that stuck to the canoe and kept crawling towards us. Even direct hits with the paddle didn't seem to bother them.

We also had to deal with rapids. To protect the canoe we had to lower ourselves into the waters and hold the bow so as not to lose control. If we let go the canoe would have been taken downstream and wrecked.

The end of the rapids provided a nice place to meditate!

Teamwork was the key to our success!


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